The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Bakersfield
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1993 2 (JBC)
1994 4 (JBC)
1995 1 (JBC)
2005 1 (Pat Solo)
The Butcher Says..

Found On
Waiting For The Love Bus .. The Jazz Butcher's Free Lunch

Two beautiful tons of Detroit steel
I wanna take you to Bakersfield
Hygenically challenged American chrome
Spread all across the lawn of our motel home

I wanna take you to Bakersfield (x4)

Oh let me take you there, I've got a pass for the track
Smell the nitro honey, feel the sun on your back
C'mon c'mon red-headed sinner put your foot to the floor
And I'll show you what Jesus gave you STP for

I wanna take you to Bakersfield (x4)
Yeah yeah yeah!

In a fat back lounge at the end of the day
We'll be soaking all the dust off the desert away
Clyde's in the bathroom with Tiny the gator
Yeah I wanna be your top eliminator
Oh yes I do

I wanna take you to Bakersfield (x8?)

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  • bakersfield
    12Dec2005 8:09 AM (11 years 108 days ago)
    was just in bakersfield for the weekend ( i know i know but it couldn't be avoided), and just let me's all true, and then some.