The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Big Saturday
Big Saturday
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1985 5 (JBC)
1986 9 (JBC)
1988 2 (JBC)
1989 10 (JBC)
1990 2 (JBC)
1991 2 (JBC)
1992 1 (JBC)
1994 1 (JBC)
2012 3
1 (Pat Solo)
2 (JBC)
2013 1 (JBC)
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Sex And Travel .. Bloody Nonsense .. Unconditional .. Draining The Glass 1982 - 86
The Butcher Says..

The weather's grim though spring is on its way
I heard it said there's going to be a holiday
But I didn't think of that when I saw you
It doesn't mean I'd die for you

Hey King, I hope you have a good weekend

King Rolo McGinty , that is

I hope you get things done the way that you intend
Cause you know how things get done
And not everybody does that

I call you
You call me
I ask you
Why ask me
You drive me
Quite crazy
What is this
You tell me

We went through Saturday
And not everybody did that

Hey girl, please don't think me rude
But I owe you some kind of gratitude
I don't know how these things are done
Ooh but I shan't forget you

Cause you made it Saturday
Ooh and I shan't forget you

The Butcher Says..
Easter Saturday 1983, fact fans.
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  • cool lyrics
    raym041169[at] - r041169 Las Vegas
    11Nov2009 4:50 PM (7 years 138 days ago)
    just kind of archetypical cool - "It doesn't mean I'd die for you."
  • Big Saturday
    fionamcvey[at] - Nowhere, CA
    17Jun2004 11:59 AM (12 years 286 days ago)
    Unrequited love - better than none at all?
  • This is still...
    PB - Sydney
    22Jan2004 10:07 AM (13 years 68 days ago) of my favourite love songs