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Buffalo Shame
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Distressed Gentlefolk .. Sex And Travel (Sleeve) .. Real Men (Sleeve)

Well, I've been here for a million years
Got a ton or two of flesh and flies round my ears
I've got a name and I can see you don't know
So I guess I'd better tell you; I'm the buffalo

Don't smoke no reefer, don't take no pills
Got a head like a rock and a bottom like a hill
Don't think about much that bears translating.
Except buffalo love and ruminating

Buffalo wanting some answers
Buffalo want you explain
Buffalo seek explanation
Don't know nothing; it's a buffalo shame

Just sit around trying to take buffalo feed
Looked up, swallowed down, started to bleed
Men with metal sticks make an awful lot of noise
Don't care what it is, but dear it destroys

Buffalo falling in tens of thousands
Buffalo falling like rain
Buffalo falling and lowing and dying
Buffalo ending; it's a buffalo shame

Don't know what for they want to shoot us down
We stay out of trouble; stay out of town
Don't be chasing their women, don't rob their trains
Just stand around grazing on the Western Plains

Some men do it because they want to, seeking for fortune and fame
Other men do it because they're told to
Rot their eyes; still a buffalo shame

Buffalo shame (x3)

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  • Buffalo Shame
    purplevioletsquishies[at] - Joli Darling
    18Jan2005 2:07 AM (12 years 99 days ago)
    I wish more than anything you had an audio sample or midi of this song. I grew up in the Midwest in the USA where the buffaloes were almost wiped out by the white man. I also wish you had an audio sample or midi of Hungarian love song... or why not this entire album? Just a suggestion. :)