The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Jazz Butcher -v- Count Dracula
Jazz Butcher -v- Count Dracula
22 documented performances (click to explore)
1984 1 (JBC)
1985 3 (JBC)
1986 7 (JBC)
1988 5 (JBC)
1999 4 (JBC)
2001 1 (JBC)
2009 1 (Pat Solo)
Found On
Southern Mark Smith .. The Gift of Music .. Bloody Nonsense .. Hamburg .. Draining The Glass 1982 - 86
The Butcher Says..

It was a dark and stormy night
There was someone making noises in the flat next door
It could give anybody a fright
If they didn't know who lived in the flat next door

Oooh, I ask you
Oooh, it could be anybody...

It was hell in the club last Friday
People were dancing when the lights went out
I mean a girl could get into trouble
If she couldn't see the face of the boy next door

I said, ooh, it could be a travelling salesman or something like that
Oooh, it could be hell on earth, honeychile, it could be Count Dracula

I knew as soon as I got there, I shouldn't have gone
The hallway was spooky, with no lights on
There was a squeaking of bats, and a rattle of chains
And nobody would stay there if they had any brains
But I was told it was a party, and I have no shame
Though I shouldn't be there, just the same
There was a ring of a bell, like a bell from hell
A wolf in the corner and a horrible smell
A coffin in the building kept banging around
Yeah and an evil stench and an eviler sound
I saw a man with red eyes, like he drank too much
And a couple of girls you wouldn't ever want to touch
There's stuff on the wall like what the devil wrote
There's a load of evil mothers yelling "go for the throat"

It was Dracula time
And that's time to go
It was Dracula time
And that's bad as you know

He looked me up and down and then he showed me his fangs
He was just about to go and then he sang
"I'm at war with this place
I'm going to blow this place up

I'm at war with my face
I want to blow my face up
I wanna blow my face up..."

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