The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Cute Submarines
Cute Submarines
3 documented performances (click to explore)
1994 2 (JBC)
2009 1 (Pat Solo)
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Gabriel Turner Says: jbc-list ... jbc-list
Keith Jones Says: jbc-list
Creation Promo Summary 30 second sampler

They know where the spaceships are going to be landing
they make people happy and not sad.
Swimming in an ad for advanced engineering from germany
Their on board outboard is so advanced it's raving mad
like, they can make their own BLEEPS

People like the way they're smart but not too scarey
They're helpful too and they're serving in the military
Or you can find them dying in a pool of filth in a mall on the prairie
doing tricks for fish for apes to watch for free

oh god it's just a little bit like those dismal conversations
where people say there can't be a god or he would not let this suffering be
now wait a minute I've seen a Flipper kill a fish with a bolt of pure sound
he jumped up grinning and he didn't look so cute to me

No Walt Disney
in the sea

and it's no good trying to get up behind them
they'll soon get away when you wants to find them
get used to cute submarines

No Walt Disney
in the sea

and here come the little girls with the candles on their heads
I can't believe you could do this
get used to cute submarines

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