The Jazz Butcher Lyrics The Devil Is My Friend
The Devil Is My Friend
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1982 1 (JBC)
1985 4 (JBC)
1986 7 (JBC)
1988 1 (JBC)
1989 5 (JBC)
1992 1 (JBC)
2012 1 (Pat Solo)
Found On
The Human Jungle .. Bloody Nonsense

The Devil is my friend
The Devil is my friend
Wherever I go, the Devil goes
The Devil is my friend

I went out one spring morning
To find myself a friend
Someone I could believe in
Until the very end
I found myself the Devil
He was sitting in a bar
He bought me fifteen Rum and Cokes
And then he went too far


And now it's Easter
I'm feeling mighty low
That dirty rotten Devil
He said he had to go
Dirty stinking Devil
I'll shoot him with my gun
The Devil's bad, he made me mad
The Devil is a bum


And Godzilla is my friend
Godzilla is my friend
Wherever I go, Godzilla goes
Godzilla is my friend

And Frank Sinatra is my friend
Frank Sinatra is my friend
Wherever I go Sinatra goes
Frankie is my friend

Chenenko was my friend
And Brezhnev was my friend
And Andropov he just dropped off
Now Gorbachev is my friend

And Love And Rockets are my friends
Love and Rockets are my friend
David, Kevin, Daniel
Everyone of them round the bend

And the Queen is my friend
Harvey Dean is my friend
And Idi Amin know what I mean? -
Was someone they met at a party


yee hah.

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  • Who the heck is Harvey Dean?
    m23prime[at] - Mark-Canada
    30Jan2011 8:21 PM (6 years 53 days ago)
    And what is he doing in this song, other than rhyming with Idi Amin?

    All these years of listening to this fabulous song, and I never thought to ask...
  • song mp3
    kokujin606[at] - Jin Kokuro
    6Apr2008 7:58 PM (8 years 352 days ago)
    I have The Devil Is My Friend. If anyone still wants it, please email me at kokujin606[at]
  • Any luck with the Devil?
    mark.giesbrecht[at] - Mark in Waterloo
    24Nov2007 4:43 PM (9 years 121 days ago)
    Has anyone managed to buy or beg an mp3 of the
    devil is my friend? I'm tired of dragging out
    my turntable...
  • the devil is my friend
    mikeglas[at] - Mike/Seattle
    10Aug2007 12:23 PM (9 years 227 days ago)
    Please, can anyone point me in the direction of where to purchase the song: The Devil is My Friend? Or can send me a copy digitally.
  • Bring back Bloody Nonsense
    clownson[at] - Chris in Virginia
    5Jul2007 1:37 PM (9 years 263 days ago)
    Please? Please please please? Please re-release Bloody Nonsense on CD in the U.S.!!! I had an audio cassette of it long long ago, but it was stolen by a theiving miscreant and I've never been able to find another copy. Some of the songs have appeared on other albums, but the absence of "The Devil is My Friend" leaves a hole in my soul. Please- I and thousands of other U.S. fans are begging, re-release Bloody Nonsense! I'll pay through the nose for it! Really!