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Roadrunner .. The Gift of Music .. Bloody Nonsense .. Draining The Glass 1982 - 86 .. Glorious And Idiotic
30 second sampler

I'm broken-hearted
With all that this entails
It takes some concentrated drinking
To keep me on the rails
I have to hide my face
I have to hide my shame
I don't wait 'til I'm sober
'Til I get drunk again
I drink at home
I drink out
I drink in cocktail bars
Falling down
Seeing stars
It suits me
It suits me
Going astray
In all the bars from here to Mandalay
They never close
We never pay


My oh my
We can't compete
It's only heavy drinking that keeps us on our feet
My oh my
I can't complain
If it weren't for heavy drinking
We'd never play Sweet Jane (Reed)
My my my, oh my
The days go by
I never quite forget her
But goodness how I try
Believe me
Believe me
Falling apart in bars
I like to suffer for my art
Just one more before we part

Don't want to think
About how much I drink
It's a habit that's out of control
Hope I never get dry before I get old.

Trombone (trombone solo)


Don't want to think
About how much I drink
It's a habit that's out of control
Hope I never get dry (before you get)
Hope I never get dry now (before you get)
Hope I never get dry before I get old... mmmmm... mmmm

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  • trombone solo
    reset808[at] - Martin phoneix AZ
    2Dec2010 4:49 PM (6 years 113 days ago)
    Does anyone want to give me the notes for that trombone solo?
  • drink chords
    ericj[at] - Sacramento, CA USA
    22Dec2004 7:36 PM (12 years 94 days ago)
    thankee thankee thankee for the chords. Several folks in the local scooter club are butcher fans, and at the next camping rally I'm going to c(h)orral (--groan--) them into a drunken version of DRINK. I was dreading having to spend countless hours figuring out the crazy jazz chords, but it turns out that they aren't all that crazy after all. I guess there's infinte room for complicating things using passing chords, but I reckon I'll be somewhat, er, impaired when it comes down to it. Thanks again. cheers, -eric.
  • DRINK news
    zarathud23[at] - Chicago
    3Aug2004 8:37 PM (12 years 235 days ago)
    The Asylum Street Spankers have been convering this live for a while now, and put it on their latest CD as well- they do it well, check it out!
  • yer chords
    12Jun2002 2:44 PM (14 years 288 days ago)
    here are the chords:

    first part: E - Emaj7 - Ab - A - C7
    second part: E - C# - C9 - F#m7 - B9

    *in the first part, the E to the Emaj7 go together quickly - it's that
    little intro part, and the Emaj7 can be omitted when you repeat the line.

    *in the second part, the F#m7 - B9 combo is repeated a few times.