The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Girl-Go
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1989 9
3 (Pat Solo)
6 (JBC)
1990 8 (JBC)
1991 3 (JBC)
1992 11 (JBC)
1993 3
2 (Pat Solo)
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1994 1 (JBC)
2000 1 (JBC)
2002 1 (JBC)

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The Butcher Says..

sample: [Tu as vu toutes les étoiles?]
"have you seen all the stars?" - the tune is stolen, of course, from All The Stars by The Perfect Disaster

I'm my father's own stupid son
Sit watching the T.V. when it's time for me to run
You wrote a song about going to sea
When things got tough you were so kind to me


Oh, look at her go
Won't you look at her go
Won't you look at that girl go
Oh, look at her go
Won't you look at her go
Won't you look at that girl go

Everything she used to do was wrong
The time was too short
And the words were all too long
Everything she used to do was wrong
I never dreamed she'd turn up in her own song


And I've been dreaming
God knows I've been dreaming


Won't you look at her go?
I've just got to watch her go now
Watch her go downtown
[live: What's the point of a suicide note, anyway?]

if you want to start adding live variations we'll be here all week...
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  • stupid daughter
    velocityjones[at] - stephanie (floss angeles)
    19Dec2007 6:36 PM (9 years 96 days ago)
    my favorite J.B. tune...and I want that green-paisley'ed blanket in the video, please.
  • live
    bubba[at] - ludicrust
    8Feb2007 1:48 PM (10 years 45 days ago) with several other less-than-pristine renderings, the live version on Western Family grows on one with time, 'til other versions are o'er taken in order of favoriteness,to wit,delicious reverb and postiviely wicked guitar that are nothing short of mind-blowing.........
  • loook at her go
    ken.h[at] - sydney
    14May2005 9:43 PM (11 years 315 days ago)
    Possibly my favourite JBC song. The opening sax work is near perfect. The vocal delivery is perfect. The guitar refrain hits me the same way as the Smiths How Soon Is Now. The sax is as good as the Laughing Clowns Eternally Yours.
    Excellent site!!
  • Girl-Go, Betty
    tissue_tiger[at] - Yokohama, Japan
    6Oct2001 3:09 AM (15 years 171 days ago)
    I think there are some songs inspired by motion pictures in the Buther's songs. This song gives me a scenery of "Betty Blue". Has Pat ever contributed his tunes for films? If he has, it must be a good one.