The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Girls Who Keep Goldfish


Girls Who Keep Goldfish
Girls who keep goldfish
Interest me strangely
Girls who keep goldfish
Fascinate my mind
What are they doing here?
Why are they here at all?


Hey I'd like to know - Those fish are awful small (x2)

Goldfish are silent under the water
Girls who keep goldfish
Are sometimes quite loud
Is there a reason?
Should it happen at all?


Goldfish or Mondays are life as it should be
Goldfish are grateful for sun and for food
Is there a secret?
Oh is there a secret at all?

Chorus (x2)

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Bath Of Bacon
It's really just the sound of a few mates failing to take seriously the fact they they've got an l.p. to make. It seems VERY early eighties now, but you must remember that there was a LOT of crap for us to clear out of the way in those days.
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The Gift Of Music (compilation)
This record collects together the various singles that have been issued in England to date under the much-abused name of the Jazz Butcher, to wit: me. I rather like having them all in one place like this - it makes for a nice, noisey muck-it-up sort of disc that is ideal for leisure time at home, on the beach, in you local club.... hell, ANYWHERE!!!
Zombie Love (single)
Recorded in London one Sunday afternoon in January 1984, Zombie Love is just sick.
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Draining The Glass (compilation)
Glass Records era compilation.
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1999-09-23 Wetlands - New York, USA
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