The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Grooving In The Bus Lane
Grooving In The Bus Lane
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1985 4 (JBC)
1986 13 (JBC)
1987 12 (JBC)
1988 1 (JBC)
1989 2 (Pat Solo)
1990 6 (JBC)
1992 1 (JBC)
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Hard .. Conspiracy .. Big Questions .. Bloody Nonsense

Well, well, well

I don't need no Ford Fiesta
I don't need no Mercedes
I don't need no Holy Roller
No, I still ride around in ease
I don't need no Turtle Wax
I bought some once, but I sent it back
I don't need those radial tyres
I don't need no drums and wires


'Coz I'm cruising in the bus lane
I'm cruising in the bus lane
Yeah, I'm cruising in the bus lane
I'm cruising in the bus lane
Riding around in a foreign land
With a half-mad group and a half-dead van
The B.R.D. is a fine, fine place
Bundes Republik Deutschland = W. Germany 1985

Gotta get this cake from offa my face

Got Black Forest Gateaux everywhere
And all those people stop and stare
Been buzzing all of those English tanks
Been singing this tune since I heard Blank Frank

an Eno tune 1973


Sometimes I feel like a dog
I guess that must go with my job
Now a Jaguar is a fine, fine beast
But the bus is the place that I found peace

Everyday 'bout 12 'till 5
I feel glad to be alive
Ain't got no fridge, ain't got no telly
But a crate of beer and an Antonelli and that's enough for me

plastic Italian melodica thing

Chorus (x2)

So spare Nerven, spar Verdruss fahr mit uns im kleinem Bus
(translates to)
So save your nerves, avoid the bother, go with us on the small bus

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  • Bus Lane
    JonathanJ[at] - Box1Canada(tol-oko)
    13Apr2003 8:49 PM (13 years 353 days ago)
    Can't help you as per c.d. version...I prefer the
    "Big Question" version though.
  • Different Versions on Big Questions and Bloody Nonsense
    tommcbride67[at] - Cleveland, Ohio USA
    1Oct2002 11:26 AM (14 years 182 days ago)
    Does anybody know which is the original or on what sngle/12"/album each verson was originally released? The version on Big Questions seems to be more accoustic, "unplugged", and have more of a laid back feel. The version on Bloody Nonsense sounds much more like a full electric band, with a more aggressive performance. Both Big Questions and Bloddy Nonsense are compilation albums so I don't know which version came first or what the source for each release was. Was the version on Bloody Nonsense ever released on CD? Thanks for any info.