The Jazz Butcher Lyrics I Hate Love
I Hate Love
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2000 1 (JBC)
2002 2 (JBC)
2006 1 (JBC)
Found On
Rotten Soul

Now the winter's nearly gone
The living come alive
But April's getting harder every year
And you get harder, to survive
Baby, baby, no more cooing like a dove
I hate love

Now the night is nearly gone
But the fever won't subside
I'm aching in a part of me
I thought had long since given up and died
Baby, baby, when push moves on to shove
I hate love

So I'm sitting here alone
And it's nearly getting light
And if I wait a little longer
There's a chance the day might turn back into night
Baby, baby – and that's half the battle won
So I'm waiting for the sun

You tell me I'm a friend you'll miss
Well if I didn't love you girl
My god I'd hate you for this
But I'm trying, trying
I know it must be borne
So I'm waiting for the dawn
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