The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Looking For Lot 49
Looking For Lot 49
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1985 1 (JBC)
1987 2 (JBC)
1988 8 (JBC)
1989 12 (JBC)
1990 9 (JBC)
1994 1 (JBC)
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You know I'm exactly like everyone else
Sometimes I get sick and sometimes I get tired
Sometimes I turn ugly it's bad for my health
Sometimes I get frantic and think I'm inspired
Well now I try to be useful and I try to do good
I try to do kindness, act like I should
Sometimes I'm downhearted, then far-away friends
Will write me a line, will fire me up, and start me running again.


Just when I feel like I should be dead and gone
You make me want to carry on

"The cold light of day" and "the heat of the night"
Make me wonder if language has turned out quite right
The scene is quite normal: a Saturday morning,
The breakfast in ruins, the newspaper torn
And I'm starting to wish that I'd never been born
When a letter comes in with your handwriting on



A room full of postcards a room with a view
I stare at the street just for something to do
There's a man on the sidewalk with egg in his hair
He's got hands like Des Nilsen, I don't like his stare

celebrated U.K. murderer

Everytime I look out of my window he's there
But he's only the postman so what do I care?

It's just that I seem to be spending all my time
Looking for Lot 49
Lot 49

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