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Love Kittens
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1983 3 (JBC)
1985 1 (JBC)
1988 1 (JBC)
1992 1 (JBC)
2000 1 (JBC)
2012 1 (Pat Solo)
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Bath Of Bacon .. Cake City

(spoken) It was a foggy night, in old London-town, when I came across
a little old man. Oh, he was looking very down. He looked so sad.
He must have suffered something very bad. At first I couldn't think
what to say, but then I told him:

Meow (x11)


You better
Love kittens - Cause kittens are loveable
Love kittens - They're the only friends you have
Love kittens - Cause kittens aren't horrible
Love kittens

Kittens are sweet
Kittens play with balls of string in a kittenish way
Always tiny, rarely rude,
Kittens are the best friends that I ever knew

Kittens are sweet
Kittens are small
Kittens are only six inches tall
Kittens are finding out all the time
Kittens find out about you


Love kittens - The crown of God's creation
Love kittens - If you want to be smart
Love kittens - For all their consolation
Love kittens - Kittens mend a broken heart (x3)

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  • saddness
    a[at] - does it matter
    2Jul2006 3:06 AM (10 years 266 days ago)
    the kitten song,what are you smokin,you sad mf kittens are evil,next to puppies!!!!if we disposed of them their would be more room on the supermarket shelves for human food,its exploitation, kitten adverts kitten sex, dog sex etc etc
  • kittens
    ivansky[at] - mikey b
    2Jul2006 3:02 AM (10 years 266 days ago)
    kittens make excellent xmas gifts, they are usually free to good homes,handy if you havent got much cash around xmas time ,kids love em!! and are easy to dispose off once nearly grown (pdsa rspca)or if poss just sling em in river.
  • I love kittens!
    rick[at] - NYC, USA
    12Dec2003 6:29 AM (13 years 104 days ago)
    And I love the Jazz Butcher! Come visit NYC, please.