The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Marnie


Marnie's got a problem
She wants to keep a lion in her room
She's going crazy
She's going to get in trouble soon
She's going crazy
Her bedroom wall looks just like Regent's Park
She's going crazy
She hunts for tiny creatures after dark


Feline fury of the jungle
Stripey death from Bangladesh
Marnie's going to get in trouble
She's going to end up in a mess

Oh Marnie, you're so charming
I never could avoid you if I tried
You're so disarming
I love the way you blink your precious eyes
But you're so crazy
I have to tell you now before its too late
You're going crazy
You'll end up on some savage creature's plate


Marnie, understand me
They're not just everyday big moggies.
Marnie, these are big and wild:
They don't go "meow"


Now Marnie has a problem
She wants to keep a panther in her tiny upstairs flat
And not just any pather
Uh-oh, Marnie wants it black
I'm going really haywire
All I want's my girlfriend back

And I say


Yes yes

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  • Marnie
    richard.cahill1[at] - Rich ( England )
    3Aug2006 5:40 AM (10 years 267 days ago)
    I too wanted to find a song with my beloved Marnies name in..... and thanks to you Jazz Butcher I have. She loves it and makes me sing it to her.
    And she is also into panthers especially black ones.
    Cheers !!!!
  • Finally!
    Marnie - Kingston, Canada
    23Oct2005 4:03 PM (11 years 186 days ago)
    I was talking with my boyfriend about how there are no songs with my name in it, and he said that he would find one. I must admit that I doubted him, but he succeeded, and this song was the result of his search. Just wanted to say thanks, and I love it!!