The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Panic In Room 109
Panic In Room 109
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1990 6 (JBC)
Found On
Cult Of The Basement .. Shirley Maclaine .. Unconditional
The Butcher Says..

I'm as weak as a kitten
And my brains are filled with glue
There's been a fire in my bed
And my veins are turning blue.
So I look in the mirror - what do I see?
I see the face of a monster looking at me
He's an evil-looking horror
And his skin looks just like mine
I'm coming to pieces
Panic in room 109

You know?
The other day I had a dream 'bout a famous movie star
I was in my room watching "Blind Date" with Cilla,

a celebrated U.K. T.V. version of "Love Connection"

When the wall caved in
Fuck me! Godzilla!
He's got it in for Tokyo
He's gonna knock down all the buildings
He told me so
He does it every Saturday round about closing time
Now we're sharing a flat
Panic in room 109

Oh what, what, what did I do last night?
I said what, what, what did I do last night?
Oh, it fills me up with dread,
I don't know, it gave me evil dead fright!
I don't know what I did but it must've been all right
Yeah Godzilla and me don't care, we can handle it fine.
Every day we like to have a little panic in room 109

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  • Scylla
    farker1[at] - Jay Aich
    21Feb2010 10:42 AM (7 years 31 days ago)
    It will not escape Pat's knowledge that Scylla (pronounced Cilla) was a famous Greek monster ...
  • ...he's an evil-tempered horror and his skin looks....
    25Apr2002 4:44 PM (14 years 335 days ago)
    see subject