The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Partytime
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Bath Of Bacon .. The Gift of Music .. Bloody Nonsense .. Unconditional .. Draining The Glass 1982 - 86 .. Glorious And Idiotic
Live version from 1989-11-17
The Butcher Says..

This is partytime
And we're all having so much fun
This is partytime
I could look at all the girls that are in this room
This is partytime
I could think of what would happen if one took me home
This is partytime
I think I'll have another of those

You always act so stupid
You always talk so dumb
But this is partytime
And you've got to say its better than a war
This is partytime
And its better than a cold bath with someone you dislike
This is partytime
And its good to drink for free when you haven't any money
This is partytime
Oh, she might just possibly take me home

But she always talks so foolish
She always acts so dumb
Its only partytime

This is partytime
And its not polite for you to muck around
This is partytime
Naw, you know you'll only go home in a taxi and disgrace
This is partytime
And you know you won't be spending it here again
This is partytime
It's an exceptional way to make friends

But you always act so foolish
You always talk so dumb
But this is only partytime
It doesn't matter anymore
It isn't funny anymore
It's only partytime
Oh lord have mercy on all our souls

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  • I remember 1990
    keenmont[at] - Chris - Toronto
    23Oct2009 8:22 PM (7 years 157 days ago)
    Jazz Butcher with Blue Airplanes.
    Still waiting for you to come back.
    Sure wish Bloody Nonsense was availabe. My cassette still works though!
  • I wish I had the whole catalogue!
    emilio.servidio[at] - Emilio, Italy
    11Oct2009 11:02 AM (7 years 169 days ago)
    I bought a used copy of "The Gift of Music" in the late 90s and then I spent years gathering as much JBC music as I could. Unfortunately most of the albums were (and still are) very rare. I've really appreciated the two Vinyl Japan reprints. Is there any chance to see "Sex and Travel" reprinted sooner or later? Who knows.

    "Partytime" was one of my favourite songs in my late teenage years and it definitely summarizes my feelings about meeting people at parties. It also features some stellar guitar playing by Max which was very inspiring to somebody (sort of) learning guitar. Thanks a lot.
  • meo deus
    corto21[at] - Porto Alegre, Brasil
    31Jul2003 9:41 PM (13 years 243 days ago)
    olha, essa uma das melhores musicas que eu j ouvi na vida. nao a versao que voces tem em mp3, uma outra, mais calma, melhor, mais bem elaborada... faz falta bandas com essa qualidade.