The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Pineapple Tuesday
Pineapple Tuesday
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1990 6 (JBC)
1991 1 (JBC)
1992 16 (JBC)
1997 2 (JBC)
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Cult Of The Basement .. Edward's Closet .. Unconditional .. Western Family .. ¡Excellent! The Violent Years
The Butcher Says..

I'm standing here with my head in my hands
I put it there 'coz I'm tired
Drinking vodka and Gatorade
Swaying to the rhythm that the Gators made
Down by Beethoven Street staring at the passersby
Then there was you
Then there was you

Just keep driving
You know it's got to be someplace here
And I've got plenty of time
Oh, people round here just don't have no lane discipline
And then there was you
Then there is you


And I don't wanna let you go
I don't wanna let you go
But it's Tuesday

Been there, done that ( x 6 )

Chorus (x2)

The Butcher Says..
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  • lovely guitar work
    ken.h[at] - sydney
    14May2005 9:48 PM (11 years 315 days ago)
    Dig the fuzzy bass guitar under the lead on this. Drinking vodka and gatorade! How do you come up with such beauties. Fucking amazing.
  • aural hallucinations(scuse me while i kiss this guy)
    jcvincent[at] - lexington kentucky
    14Dec2004 12:48 PM (12 years 101 days ago)
    i was always sure that the line was

    people around here just don't have no brain discipline
    then they're asleep
    then they're asleep

    i swear i have heard this song thousands of time and i always, always sang it that way...
    (this may have lead to the misunderstanding if my singing is factured in)
    of course
    i once famously thought i heard gibby haynes say in the butthole surfers song "perry"-"it's about throwing up and eating it" when he actually said "it's about growing up in england" which is an even larger and more self incriminating error...

    maybe i just need to listen more softly...

    fuck i think
    i might be bummed

    change the lyrics for me
    you have the powers

  • whatever
    where ever - whoever
    8Jun2002 6:10 PM (14 years 291 days ago)
    so many tuesdays in my life. damn.