The Jazz Butcher Lyrics She's A Yo-Yo
She's A Yo-Yo
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1991 1 (JBC)
1992 16 (JBC)
1994 4 (JBC)
1995 1 (JBC)
2000 10 (JBC)
2002 1 (JBC)
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30 second sampler

She left the cat in the air with something dead in its mouth
Packed her garbage collection in a bag
And then she headed down south
All join in the behavioural sink
She was on drugs, now she's on the brink
She's the angriest animal ever
She came through on the phone like a native
She's a yo yo

You get a slap in the head for your birthday honey
It's not my fault if everybody wants to
Now I'm going just as fast as I can
And I still feel like the elephant man

He's the king of inanimate objects
He woke up too late as usual
Yeah, right
We live in a sink of iniquity
Nothing we do makes sense

Queuing at the checkout of the twentieth century
Nothing we do makes sense

It's modern living on sweets
And it's modern too to live on the streets
Animals all go everywhere head first
That's how when they bump into things it hurts
She's the angriest animal ever
She fell off the plane like a waitress
She's a yo yo (x5)

Mr. Norris turned left at the lights in Berlin
It's so appropriate it makes me grin
Shoop! Shoop! Put him with the others!

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  • She's a yo yo
    dreamtidespress[at] - Hail in California
    27Oct2006 2:39 PM (10 years 149 days ago)
    She sure is the angriest animal ever! This song is about my ex-whatever-she-was, isn't it?