The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Beautiful Snow-White Hair
Beautiful Snow-White Hair
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1992 1 (JBC)
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Western Family

Well, he's just a baby
He lives im Korb
And his mother's so proud of him:
He's got beautiful snow-white hair.
The Butcher Says..
There is no lyric as such. "Im Korb" to you it's just GERMAN for "in the basket", but to Dooj Wilkinson , Peter Crouch and me it means A WHOLE LOT MORE. It was performed as a jam on two or three occasions. This is, of course, about Mister Iain O'Higgins , who, as a baby, lived in a basket and had beautiful snow-white hair. Sometimes we would mutate into A-Men by [image]Spacemen 3. If it's Birmingham, Alabama, add a chorus of "Alla Akhbar!" (Good is great, a Muslim rallying call). To your surprise, the locals will not shoot you.
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