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Soul Happy Hour
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A Scandal In Bohemia .. Hamburg ..Cake City
The Butcher Says..
Live version from 1999-09-13

The best things in life are free
But you can give them to the SDP
I want to go to Tesco's store
And buy some drink and fall on the floor.

I don't care for smart new clothes
I don't care for reading books
I don't care for Quinn and Collins
I don't care for magazines

I don't like lemonade
I think milk should not be made
I don't like coffee and I don't like tea
These are the things that mystify me

I don't care for sport or swimming
I don't care for all those nasty old bogies
I don't care what's on TV
I just want to drink til I can't see

I wish I'd been born a tree
Someone'd come and make a barrel out of me
I get in a fury when I'm not in a brewery

Whiskey Vodka Special Brew
All of this is good for you
Gin sling, Cointreau, brandy sour...
Blot right out! Soul happy hour!

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  • usa needs you
    soulhappyhour[at] - jason america
    30May2011 8:01 PM (5 years 303 days ago)
    Please come back to the states Mr. Fish... ty
  • Reading books or radio? - justthisguyyouknow -- Toronto
    23May2007 10:15 AM (9 years 311 days ago)
    I could have sworn "I don't care for reading books" was actually "I don't care for radio."
  • SDP
    Fishie - NN1
    28Apr2004 8:26 AM (12 years 336 days ago)
    Now, that seems a little unfair to me.
    I admit, you won't catch me voting for the SDP (or the Liberal Democrats, as they now style themselves) in any great hurry,
    but a "bad" party?

    I mean, the National Front is a bad party.
    The SDP are just a touch...well...ineffectual.
    To be fair, they oppose racism and crusader nonsense out in the Middle East; they support electoral reform; they're happy with the idea of decriminalising marijuana. They're hardly "bad".

    And as for "little public support", one assumes that this must be outside of the huge areas of Scotland and Western England which return their politicians to Parliament at every election.

    Yours, still reading the bloody Guardian,
  • SDP
    shotgun_mallet[at] - Ian Matthews
    21Apr2004 3:11 PM (12 years 343 days ago)
    SDP is the social democratic party in the UK. A bad political party with little support...
  • what's wrong with Quinn & Collins?
    soulhappyhour[at] - long beach, Ca.
    3Sep2003 9:41 AM (13 years 209 days ago)
    i asked pat this one night in LA backstage after their roxy show circa 1986. he said 'nobody covers "pale blue eyes" and gets away with it, mate'