The Jazz Butcher Sumosonic Lyrics Come, Friendly Spacemen


Come, Friendly Spacemen
Come, friendly spacemen, coz the world needs love
Bring it on down like the Dove from above.
The dove from above comes down from above on the inexplicable TV quiz entertainment "Shooting Stars".
No one in America can ever understand.
Those spacemen think the world is a disgrace,
And me, I agree - I have to live in the place.
I'm a believer, a 24-hour fanatic.
This is the voice of Audio-Aquatic.
Give you bleeps from the Deep when you want to go to sleep.
Sack your Temazepam, it makes me weep.

Come, friendly spacemen, come on down.

Come friendly spacemen, scoop the poop, sort it out!
I don't want to have to scream and shout, but if I have to ...
Well, you get the idea. Come, friendly spacemen, coz we need you here.
This world's in a state, it ain't getting any better.
Maybe this message is a suicide letter.
If it is, then Vale, Tchuss, Farewell!

Vale - Latin: Farewell
Tchuss - German: Farewell
When the going gets ugly, then the ugly feel swell.

Come, friendly spacemen, come on down.

Come, friendly spacemen, when the Lords give a hoot,
Coz you look so cute in your little space suits.
"Orribile!" is what they say, and in a way they're right on the money.
They're right on the money where money is the problem.
You think they look funny and you think nothing of them.
SHAME! Because they're looking at you
and they don't know if you're dangerous, or what they ought to do.

Come, friendly spacemen, come on down.

And if the world's all broken down,
Watch the skies above your town.
REMEMBER - Everyone's a stranger somewhere.
Keep you faith and don't despair.
Put your hands up in the air and call them.

Come, friendly spacemen, come on down.

© Pat Fish 1995

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