The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Sweetwater
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1993 2 (Pat Solo)
1994 3 (JBC)
1997 1 (Pat Solo)
2000 11 (JBC)
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Waiting For The Love Bus .. ¡Excellent! The Violent Years .. Sweetwater
The Butcher Says..
30 second sampler

Vielly got her miracle
And Church is looking suave beside his flowers.
celebrated Downey Mildew guitarist Charlie. c.f. She's On Drugs

And Pete could learn to love it here
The buffet doesn't close for hours.

I rode here in the front seat with the window down.
And I can't hear a single thing that anyone says
'Coz it's all in my face and it's all too beautiful.


Oh sweet water sometimes it feels like ancient Rome
Oh sweet water I can't believe we're home.

Staring at the cats behind the ironwork and looking for a dine
There are problems in this world I know
But right now none of them are mine.

And Hoagy Carmichael never came here, Dave.
Havana cigars on the back seat and I wouldn't have it any other way.


At long last person or persons unknown
We don't have to be alone it doesn't have to be a circus.


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  • sweetwater
    pat[at] - pat, NN1
    17Oct2006 10:46 AM (10 years 159 days ago)
    The bar I am singing about was in Los Osos, California.
  • Sweetwater location
    zaichick[at] - David James
    12Oct2006 5:46 PM (10 years 164 days ago)
    I live in the area where the "Sweetwater" bar is located. Pat wrote this song about a night out at this particular watering hole which neither of us knew was a gay bar until 3 drinks into the evening...
    it's on Broadway in Long Beach.
  • Sweetwater is sweet
    adrian[at] - Portland, Oregon USA
    1Jun2003 6:10 PM (13 years 298 days ago)
    I've never been to the bar for which this song
    is named, but I intend to one of these days.

    I love the song's laid-back, cheerful mood
    which stands in contrast to the rather somber
    songs on the Waiting for the Love Bus LP.

    The song also has a terrific arrangement with
    a tinkly keyboard line which reminds me of
    Brian Wilson and sunny California in general.
    The song ends with synthesized heavenly
    chorus that sounds a bit like that lovely hymn
    on Brian Eno's Apollo Atmospheres CD.

    I'd like to think that this was Pat's intention
    when he put this one together.