The Jazz Butcher Lyrics The New World
The New World
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1986 1 (JBC)
1999 1 (JBC)
Found On
Distressed Gentlefolk

You wanted it all now you live with it
So there isn't much room in your grown-up world
But it's not what you imagined when you were a girl
Not the new world

Sitting around not a bit of it
There just aren't enough hours in the average day
You try to forget but it won't go away
Not the new world

But there's scarely a glimpse of it now
It's hidden in a dark recess of your cold heart
You've tried revive it but you don't know how
Your customary life won't give way

You've been alone for a long time now
And your friends understand after all these years
But it's not desolation that prompted your tears
It's the new world (x3)

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