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Louder Than War September 2014
Apollox Magazine (UK) April 2002
The Independent (UK) 8 Aug 2001
Metro Times (Detroit, MI) 12 Apr 2000
Alternative Press, Aug 1994
The Splatter Effect (New Brunswick, NJ), Jun 1994
Les Inrockuptibles (France) Sep 1991
Up Front And Center (Canada) May Issue #5 1992
Music Express (Canada) Jan 1991
Far Out And Fishy (UK) #4, 1990
The Milwaukee Interview (USA) 19 Nov 1989
Melody Maker (UK) 3 Dec 1988
The Newsletter (Milwaukee, WI) 1988
Non*Stop Banter (USA) 1986
Contrast (USA) 1986
Abstract spring 1985
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May I
Spex Aug 1987
Distressed Gentlefolk
Option (USA) May/June 1987
Record Mirror (UK) 1989
Big Planet, Scarey Planet
Sounds (UK) 29 Jul 1989
Spiral Scratch (UK) Oct 1989
Cult Of The Basement
Melody Maker (UK) 7 Jul 1990
Un-credited (Seattle, WA) 1990
Option (USA) Nov/Dec 1990
The Black Eg
ESTWeb (undated)
Condition Blue
Rage (UK) Sep 1991
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Details For Men (USA) Jun 1992
Creem Magazine (USA) Jul 1992
Option (USA) May/June 1992
DooDah Reviews (web) 1992
All Music Guide
Waiting For The Love Bus
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Illinois Entertainer (Chicago, IL) Sep 1994
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Mar 1995 from Creation Records Promotional Package
The Scotsman (UK) 15 Mar 1995
NME (UK) 8 Apr 1995
Sixteen Years
Mar 1995 from the Web Site of Creation Records
Mar 1995 from Creation Records Promotional Package
Draining The Glass 1982 - 86
Oct 1996, Q magazine (website)
May 1997, Patrick Smith (USA)
¡Excellent! The Violent Years
May 1997, Patrick Smith (USA)
Glorious And Idiotic
April 2000, (web)
2000, The Vermont Review (web)
June 2000, Pop Culture Corn (web)


Jim Ruiz/Chickfactor Magazine June, 2013 - 15Jun2013, Brooklyn
Nightshift (UK) May, 2005 - 14Apr2005, Oxford
Oxford Bands Website (UK) May, 2005 - 14Apr2005, Oxford
Brian Kelly write-up (Minneapolis, MN) 23 Apr 2000
Cleveland Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) 18 Apr 2000
Metro Times (Detroit, MI) 12 Apr 2000
Toronto Performer (Canada), May 1992
Ryder (Bloomington, IN) May, 1992
The Province (Vancouver, BC), 27 May 1992
The Ottawa Citizen (Canada), 7 May 1992
Monteal Gazette (Canada), 6 May 1992
Flagpole Magazine (Athens, GA), 22 Apr 1992


Brian Kelly reports the 20th anniversary tour June 8-19, 2002
Trouser Press, 4th edition
The JBC Post-Intelligencer, April 1 1998
San Francisco Bay Guardian, November 5, 1997
The Observer (UK), 18th Aug 1996
Fax Facts, 20 May 1994
The Big Takeover Issue #34, 1994
Disclaimer Music Review All The Albums, 2001
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  • JB In The Guardian
    steve.hyde[at] - Steve Hyde - Oxford
    6Aug2006 6:39 PM (10 years 202 days ago)
    Dear Pat et al,

    For what it's worth I stumbled across the following ancient
    article in the Guardian. (Google: olaf palme jazz butcher it's the
    11 hit)


    I'm hoping by adding to your press cuttings, you'll play Olaf
    Palme on the 16th - any chance ???

  • In Bath Of Bacon
    gavin13[at] - Napa, CA, USA
    2Feb2005 11:17 AM (12 years 22 days ago)
    Hey Everyone,
    In Bath Of Bacon (CD) is up on Ebay. Thought
    someone might be interested.
  • Say Roar
    theaudiodropout[at] - Sheffield UK
    18Dec2003 2:43 PM (13 years 69 days ago)
    now then young man
    check out the Wire mag jan 04 page 13.
    now that's a review!

    The tall wobbly one
  • how can i send you a copy of your song i cover?
    cogan[at] - los angeles, ca
    17Sep2002 7:25 PM (14 years 161 days ago)
    what is your email address? i want to send you a copy of "party time" i played live last night. i do a one man band type thing at a bar in LA and play all your tunes - do sue me - come to LA and i'll point you to where all the jazz butcher fans hang out - they love you guys - and the chicks are hot - you've been helping me get laid for about a year now! i call myself the smooth jazz butcher (just kidding)

    ed cogan
    los angeles