The Jazz Butcher Press Record Mirror (UK) - 1989
Album Review: Fishcotheque
Record Mirror (UK)

Credit: Chris Histed

The Jazz Butcher

Release: Fishcotheque

The Jazz Butcher, having shown the occasional flash of brilliance, has finally come up with the goods. Fishcotheque is that rare beast, an LP of cool, laid-back pop. With tracks imitating every current pop style the Jazz Butcher, always a fan of subtle humour, raps his way through a song about chickens and has a go at calypso.

Atmospherics are the name of the game here, with more than a hint of the Go-Betweens. The tunes have an addictive, subtle grip which tightens on each play, and vocals that are delightfully nonchalant. This is the ideal album to play when you're faced with a wet spring Sunday and you feel like putting your feet up for an afternoon.

3.5/5 stars

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