The Jazz Butcher Press (Germany) - 2016
Rolling Stone (Germany)
Credit: Sebastian Zabel

Release: Last of the Gentleman Adventurers

CAUTION - This is a robotic translation of the original German publication

Beautiful comeback album by the jingling Bohemians from Oxford

What a magical introduction: the guitar beads, the drums sneak, and Pat Fish sings with his modulation-inhibited Dandy voice from the disappearance of nature.

In addition to Animals , there are a handful of other jewels, the Count Me Out by Fish's companion Max Eider, for example, or the Sonic Boom's rasped riffs of the heavens of the sky Saints Prayer .

And the release of the latest jazz butcher record on Creation in 1995. The elegant, humor-filled band from Oxford fell into oblivion, time to rediscover it , Friends of British Pop! (Fire)


3 1/2

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