The Jazz Butcher Press - 1991
Album Review: The Black Eg
Credit: MG

Release: The Black Eg

The ludicrous sleevenotes suggest that this record is the work of a globetrotting Czech expatriot, but in fact the pseudonym hides the far more mundane Jazz Butcher, more 'famous' in the past for ramshackle indiepop jangles like ' Southern Mark Smith ' than sample-heavy hardbeat. The man's intentions in recording - and releasing - this record are far from clear. The music is entirely competent, and uses some interesting samples, but it is almost totally lacking in any kind of spark (even humour) that would set it apart from the dozens of equally uninspiring bands who do this kind of thing for real. The recording quality is very poor, suggesting a four-track demo rather than a fully realised work. Ultimately, it is all just very dull.
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