The Jazz Butcher Press Promo - Sixteen Years - March, 1995
Press Kit/Biography
Album Review: Sixteen Years
Creation Records Promo - Sixteen Years
March, 1995
Credit: Vanessa Cotton at Creation

Release: Sixteen Years

Release Date: March 6th 1995
Catalogue Number: CRE167 (7" and CD)
Track Listing:
Sixteen Years
Truck Of Fear
Surf Gear In Idaho
Waiting For Sumo
At a time when there would appear to be no need for it, here they come again. That Purveyor of some of the most heavenly and enduring pop non-hits you're ever likely to hear has regrouped his gang of aging sociopaths and built himself, in the barns and sheds of Northamptonshire, a band. With all the grace and savoire faire of a Charabanc full of drunken CB enthusiasts arriving at a society wedding, The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy pushes its gnarled face around the front door of pop.

Old but never wise, sickened but not tired, this casually dressed lifestyle ensemble whips out another communique on how things are and how they might be. How, in fact, they might have been all the time.

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