The Jazz Butcher
The Jazz Butcher Releases Bath Of Bacon

Release Type: album
Media: LP;CD
Released: 1983-03-01
Label: Glass Records
Recorded: 1982-08/1982-09
Studio: Starforce Studio, Clapham
A-Groove: bad chromosomes
B-Groove: this record belongs to....sound clinic
Catalogue: GLALP002;GLACD002
1. Jazz Butcher Theme
2. Partytime
3. Bigfoot Motel
4. Sex Engine
5. Chinatown
1. Zombie Love
2. Grey Flannelette
3. La Mer
4. Poisoned By Food
5. Love Kittens
6. Bath Of Bacon
7. Girls Who Keep Goldfish

Martin. K. Daley - engineer
Pat Fish - producer
Lionel Brando - producer
Mitch Jenkins - photograpy
Mr. B - photograpy
Pat Fish - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Xylophone, Flute, Organ
Max Eider - Guitar
Louis Leroi - Saxophone
Lionel Brando - Drums
Rolo McGinty - Bass on Grey Flannelette
Ian Sturgess - Fretless Bass on Gloop Jiving - Fretless Bass on Partytime
Martin. K. Daley - Thin Bass on Zombie Love - Guitar on Bath Of Bacon
John Silver - Mad Guitar on Jazz Butcher Theme
Alice Thompson - Vocals on La Mer
The Undead - Vocals on Zombie Love
The Sausage People - Vocals on Poisoned By Food



CD back


CD inside
Credit: David Whittemore 2004-05-12 (Wednesday, 12th of May 2004 - 19 years 213 days ago)

This record is dedicated to Lou and Rachel, Dave, Julia, Gill, Wilfred, Anti, Stuart, Sandra, Hugh and Mo Tucker
Liner Notes
Here it is at last! The hep young sound of todays beat élite, direct from the soul kitchen and served, still blazing, to your table! The release of this, the Jazz Butchers first long play recording, comes after months of rumour and report of a hot new act with a cool new sound that leaves the others way way behind. Now you too can hear for yourself the new groove that has set the bohemian set alight - in your own home! Words alone cannot do justice to the cordon-bleu treats of the Butcher Beat - so roll back the carpet and swoop and dive with the fab Butcher Man!

A Personal Message From The Jazz Butcher: Well, it's sometime early in the big work ethic on a Friday morning and I'm hours away from the big bastard! Looks like there's precious little time for me to chuck out that work ethic this weekend. I've got to be a damned sight sterner than usual in the old quality control with the discipline that M.P.s pay high prices & favour for in those suburban bedrooms, if I'm to make it past the large sheet of paper with NO MORE MONEY writ large upon it. Bus? Train? - decisions, decisions! Do we re-do the glockenspiels or echo the little so and soes out of all recognition - a sound you never heard before? Which is The Voice to tell you about Partytime ? And will Zombie Love ever sound as good as The Zombies? We're a long way from the truth yet poppets. This is my first record all by myself. It's been a pleasure, which is good because that's what they should be isn't it? It's been a worry to - still is - and loads more besides.... I'll let you know how we get on.

The Butcher Says..
The one nobody ever talks about, even though a surprising number of you seem to have it. Recorded for just £300 (Kevin Shields please take note...), it's really just the sound of a few mates failing to take seriously the fact they they've got an l.p. to make. Gloop Jiving and the unfinished Sex Engine make me squirm a fair bit, but Zombie Love , Girls Who Keep Goldfish , and Partytime have all been good friends.

It seems VERY early eighties now, but you must remember that there was a LOT of crap for us to clear out of the way in those days.;;Pat Letter: 1993-08-30;;/letters/93Aug30/albums.html#bath;;1993-08-30


Mercury And Herald Jazz Butcher set for a debut (Northampton, UK), Sun, Sep 5th 1982
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  • Wonderful
    themlf[at] - Vince Casino
    13Apr2013 8:40 PM (10 years 239 days ago)
    My fav JB LP, even tho I didn't hear it until about 85 when I was 15. It moulded me a lot in those days. Even have a photo in which I'm posing in a very JB way. Then you signing to Creation said to me you guy were dead cool and made myself feel cool for knowing xx
  • jazz butcher for ever
    j.ossenblok[at] - Joop, Tilburg, The Netherlands
    11Oct2011 1:09 PM (12 years 59 days ago)
    Fantastic album, first songs came to me on a cassete that was given to me as a "thank you" for something I forgot I did for that person. It was love at first sight: sex engine thing, party time, big foot motel. Songs that have accompanied me all my life.
    I mentioned it to my best friend while on hiking holiday in Italy, listening to the album through the car audio system: "This band will keep me happy for the rest of my life."
    We're 25 years further on, I just bought a secondhand vinyl copy of "Scandal in Bohemia" this afternoon which I only had on tape but I lost it during the years. Another pearl in my JB collection. Been listening to all the other albums and 12"s I possess during the evening and found this website. Thanks Pat and all the other guys for giving me a lot of joy, comfort and laughs during the years. Love, Joop
  • I always listened to it
    onui[at] - Miho, Nagoya
    14Jul2008 5:49 PM (15 years 148 days ago)
    I have been listening to it in my early 20's when I was a student in Nagoya.
    I bought this in LP and sad that now cannot found in CD!
  • Sausage Peeps
    felix_leiter23[at] - Felix Leiter
    15May2007 11:29 AM (16 years 209 days ago)
    Brilliant Album a big personal fave.

    Got questions:

    Who were the 'Sausage People'? ...the 'Undead?'

    Also Ive noticed that there are 2 versions of this album containing two very different versions of 'Grey Flanellete', why?

  • In Bath Of Bacon
    gavin13[at] - Napa, CA
    7Feb2005 5:22 PM (18 years 306 days ago)
    The rare CD version is up on Ebay for another day.
  • B.O.B.
    JonathanJ[at] - Box1Canada(tol-oko)
    13Apr2003 9:04 PM (20 years 242 days ago)
    Bath of Bacon remains one of my most heartfelt and memorable records that i bought and I bought
    a lot. What praytell compelled me to part with my
    miniscule monies? Pat the Fish liner notes on the
    back cover. Oh, and the song titles intrigued me.
    Just adore the flow of songs.