The Jazz Butcher
The Jazz Butcher Releases Conspiracy (EP)

Classification: EP
Label: Glass
Catalogue: GLAEP 104
Date: 1986-05
Recorded: Ace Studio, Bugbrooke, Northants
A-Groove: we've got a fuzzbox and we jolly well used it
Peter Lorre
Big Old Wind

Pat Fish
Max Eider
Alex Green - Saxophone
Malcolm Rivett-Carnac - engineer
Mitch Jenkins - photography
Buffalo Shame - sleeve
This disc is dedicated to the immortal memory of the great Peter Lorre. You were one of the Big Ones, Peter.
Liner Notes
He comes down the platform and talks to you. "Ever wondered what Max and I get up to away from the glamour of the modern stage? No, probably not, but let me tell you that there is nothing we like better that to get our teeth into those Big Questions. In celebration of which, we bring you this collection of tunes, recorded secretly in an obscure rural location, and positively busting with the authentic sound of disco dialectic."

He grinds out a cigarette on Platform 2 of Rugby Railway station and shugs: "You'll be all right". Yours ever

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