The Jazz Butcher
The Jazz Butcher Releases The Violent Years
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Classification: 4CD Bookback Set
Label: Fire Records
Date: 2018-03-09

Expansive book-styled package of the first four albums from The Jazz Butcher's early Creation Records' years - 1988-1991.

Featuring the much praised 'Fishcotheque', 'Big Planet, Scarey Planet', 'Cult Of The Basement' and 'Condition Blue'.

A sonic journey that takes The Jazz Butcher from a Weather Prophets-propelled rock 'n' roll visionary through to a lean jazz-tinged pop exponent.

Underlining the clever lyrics, witticisms, one-liners, melancholy, irony and conceptualisation of main man Pat Fish that came to maturity across his previous four albums for Glass (collected on Fire and much praised later last year as 'The Wasted Years').

The Songs
  1. Next Move Sideways
  2. Out Of Touch
  3. Get It Wrong
  4. Living In A Village
  5. Swell
  6. Looking For Lot 49
  7. The Best Way
  8. Chickentown
  9. Susie
  10. Keeping The Curtains Closed
  11. New Invention
  12. Line Of Death
  13. Hysteria
  14. The Word I Was Looking For
  15. Bicycle Kid
  16. Burglar Of Love
  17. Nightmare Being
  18. Do The Bubonic Plague
  19. Bad Dream Lover
  20. The Good Ones
  21. The Basement
  22. She's On Drugs
  23. Pineapple Tuesday
  24. The Onion Field
  25. Daycare Nation
  26. My Zeppelin
  27. Fertiliser
  28. Mr. Odd
  29. After The Great Euphrates
  30. Panic In Room 109
  31. Girl-Go
  32. Turtle Bait
  33. Sister Death
  34. Girls Say Yes
  35. Our Friends The Filth
  36. Harlan
  37. Still & All
  38. Monkeyface
  39. She's A Yo-Yo
  40. Honey
  41. Shirley Maclaine
  42. Racheland
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