The Jazz Butcher

Release Type: live
Media: LP
Released: 1985-11
Label: glass_records, Rebel
Recorded: 1985-08-16
Studio: Live at Lehmweg 44, Hamburg
Catalogue: SPV081443
1. Bath Of Bacon
2. Soul Happy Hour
3. Death Dentist
4. Walk With The Devil
5. Rain
6. Roadrunner
7. The Jazz Butcher Meets Count Dracula
1. Bigfoot Motel
2. Real Men
3. Only A Rumour
4. Girlfriend
5. Sweet Jane

Volkspark Studio Mobile - engineer
Martin Berschel - mixed
The Conspiracy - producer
Vaut Baby - photography
Jazz Kandinsky - sleeve
Pat Fish - Guitar, Vocals
Max Eider - Guitar, Vocals
Felix Ray - Bass
Owen Jones - Drums, Vocals




Tour promotion - JoJo Concerts, Hamburg
A&R - Tommy Weber
Sole international booking agents - A.T.B., London U.K.
Philip Thain - Tour Co-ordinator
Rambo - Minder
D. Elvis Barker - Management & Mainman

With special thanks to our friends - Tommy! Barbel! Joachim! Enno, the man from Graz! Holger! (Ciao and thanks for all the Pineau!) Inge! Michael Ruff and his Rough Trade crew! The mysterious Von Eldritch! Renald & Julietta at After Midnight! Örbitör 1 and all at Volkspark! Ulrike for all those pictures! Everyone at S.P.V.! But most of all to all you people who came to make our night out into AN OCCASION! Luv on ya, Butch X.

Liner Notes
What you hear on this record is what actually happened. No artificial sweeteners, colourants or emulsifiers added. Deemed fit for consumption by The Government.

Dedicated to the Love Generation.

The Butcher Says..
We were all disappointed at the way this came out. The concert was great, but logistics prevented us from making anything much more than a glorified bootleg. Still, live albums are best as souvenirs anyway, so I guess some people regard it fondly. Lots of entertaining photos to look at anyway... ;;Pat Letter: 1993-08-30;;/letters/93Aug30/albums.html#hamburg;;1993-08-30
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  • please rerelease
    jock.cooper[at] - Jock Cooper
    26Sep2010 1:24 PM (13 years 72 days ago)
    I had this superb album but have long since lost track of it. I'd love to get this one again.
  • hamburg
    you[at]-remove- - jasper fan
    16Mar2003 11:46 AM (20 years 268 days ago)
    This is still the definitive butcher album for me. I was lisening to some versions on glourious and idiotic. They just lost some of the energy of of early days. Plese please make it available again. I partied to this album during my high school days. This the,and ep's of the the's uncertain smile and perfect are what I always search for.
  • Hamburg
    4Nov2002 1:31 AM (21 years 36 days ago)
    For such a rare LP, I would think the web page would have the "Lots of entertaining photos to look at" in the album that we can never find. The discograpghy does such a great job on "Bacon" but "Hamburg" and "Scandal" seem to come up short on photos.