The Jazz Butcher

Media: Single, 12"
Label: Glass
Catalogue: Glass 12046
Released: 1986
Recorded: 8-10 Jan 1986, Livingston, N22,
Recorded: (Sep 1985, Ace Studio, Bugbrooke Vienna Song )
A-Groove: 12" roundabout of romance-a porky prime cut
B-Groove: 12" hummer, hummer, hummer, hummer, hummer-a porky prime cut
A-Groove: 7" This lobster will run and run...
B-Groove: 7" and run
Grooving In The Bus Lane
Vienna Song


Pat Fish - Guitar, Vocals
Max Eider - Guitar, Vocals
Felix Ray - Bass
Owen Jones - Drums
Slasher Harris - engineer
Andy Butlin - engineer
Malcolm Rivett-Carnac - engineer on Vienna Song
Tony Harris - producer
Mitch Jenkins - photography
Prince Darren - sleeve
Liner Notes
For Fritzi, Puschi & Sieglande.

"There was a man who had a goat,
He loved that goat, Oh yes he did,
He loved that goat just like a kid"

Swap Murders! (it's the new thing) Ester from Leichester made a big mistake. This record is all about love. Don't let the psychic molestation syndrome get to you. This is our loudest record to date, which is something to do with the elephants. Thank you. Butch X.

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