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The Jazz Butcher Releases The Highest in the Land


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Tapete Press release (EN)
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Classification: Album, Compact Disc, LP
Date: 2022-02-04
Label: Tapete Records
The Songs
Melanie Hargreaves' Father's Jaguar
Sea Madness
Never Give Up
Amalfi Coast May 1963
Running on Fumes
The Highest in the Land
Sebastian's Medication
Goodnight Sweetheart


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  • Where to buy new album?
    bizarropromo[at] - Jane Barnes UK
    3Feb2022 10:30 PM (1 year 50 days ago)
    The link to buy the album on this page, from Tapete Records in Germany, is fine if you are based in the EU, however, if you are based elsewhere you will get it cheaper (and not run the risk of having to pay import charges) if you buy from your own country. In the USA, you can buy from Forced Exposure, which is the record labels official distributor, In the UK, you can buy/order from any independent record shop, here's just one example, but you can shop around for others