The Jazz Butcher

Media: Single, 12" from A Scandal In Bohemia
Label: Glass
Catalogue: Glass 12033
Released: Mar1984
Recorded: January 1984
Marnie (Miaow Mix)
Zombie Love
Girls Who Keep Goldfish
Sweet Jane (Lou Reed)
Cowgirl Fever

Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present (Original)


Pat Fish
Max Eider
Rolo McGinty - Bass
Jody Palmer - Drums
Mitch Jenkins - photography
Buffalo Shame - sleeve
Lee Sanders - engineer
David E. Barker - producer
Lionel Brando - Tambourine
Liner Notes
Enter a New Dimension With The Jazz Butcher

Dimensions whereof we speak are as follows...

MARNIE - 5'11" BEDROOM 24' x 11' LION 8' x 3' TIGER 10' x 4'. See what we're talking about. Marnie THIS WILL NOT DO!! We've got to stop her, and Step One is to buy this record...
The more copies of this disc we shift to you adoring fans the more money we can spend on Marnie's treatment. Meanwhile, it's ZOO TIME for BUTCHIE, with the vivacious MAX on guitar and singing, helped kindly by the fabulous KING ROLO of The Woodentops on bass, and the ingenuous bumpkin charm of JOBY [sic] PALMER on drums, courtesy of our dear friends in Embrace.

ENGINE: Les Sanders; EARS: David E. Barker; TAMBOURINES by Lionel Brando . The music on side two of this platter was recorded live in studio, and experience for YOU to share. Hotcha!!
All the music on this disc is dedicated to Wild Louis.
Pix by Mitch Jenkins . Sleeve by Buffalo Shame.
Typesetting by Mr. Crush.

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