The Jazz Butcher Releases Bloody Nonsense

Classification: Compilation
Country: USA, Canada, Australia
Label: BigTime
Catalogue: 10014-1
Date: Apr1986
Recorded: in England, Late 1983/Early 1986
The Human Jungle
Southern Mark Smith (Original)
President Reagan's Birthday Present
JB -v- PM
Jazz Butcher -v- Count Dracula (Cassette only)
Grooving In The Bus Lane
Death Dentist
Big Saturday
Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
Real Men (Cassette only)
The Devil Is My Friend

Pat Fish - Vocals, Guitar
Max Eider - Guitar, Vocals
Owen Jones - Drums, Vocals
Felix Ray - Bass, Vocals
David J. - Bass, Vocals
Rolo McGinty - Bass on Southern Mark Smith
Kevin Haskins - Drums on Southern Mark Smith
Alice Thompson - Organ on Southern Mark Smith
Paul Taylor - Trombone on D.R.I.N.K.
John A. Rivers - producer
David E. Barker - producer
Tony Harris - producer
The Conspiracy - producer
Mitch Jenkins - photography
Alastair Indge - photography
Jeff Price - sleeve
Lendon Flanagan - sleeve
Liner Notes
The Jazz Butcher first appeared in Bohemian London in 1983, clutching a battered acoustic guitar called Lenin and looking for a place to stay. His origins remain unclear to this day. Some say that he swam to safety from the wreck of doomed Liberian supertanker Gonzolo; others that he had been planted by Speznaz to subject the English legal profession. The most credible theory is that he had formerly been hiding out in darkest rural Northamptonshire.. plotting. What was in his mind is only too blatantly set forth within the grooves of this disc: A semi-literate pub-crawl through the swamp of rock's rich tapestry, laced with self-destructive recreational pursuits and maddened by the buzzing of a thousand punk rock guitars. Not that the sound of the Jazz Butcher and his Sikkorskis from hell (for it is they that are likely to relate to your scrambled transatlantic notions of what constitutes Le Pernk). Press him on the subject and he will sputter through the special brew, "of course we're a punk group - because we do what we want to do" fair. As they say, enough. To me, though, the Butcher's axe grinds somewhere along the non-existent fusion between soul music and the sort of dirty pop that failed to make the Velvet Underground famous. Not that this would take into account the skiffy suicide that constitutes President Reagan's Birthday Present , or the bittersweet cushioning that cradels the decidedly neurotic Big Saturday . And Max Eider's D.R.I.N.K. (dedicated to his hobby) is another sack of potatoes altogether. The Jazz Butcher and his group are not in the business of belonging; they are too old and too obstreperous to conform to some attention-seeking image or commercially viable formula. Rather, they bring their not inconsiderable talents to bear on whatever happens to be in the way at the time. The results can only be described as essential.

C. C. Dämmerung, Sinful Beat Magazine

A message from the Jazz Butcher: Hey, America, I Slept With Your Wife

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  • Bloody Nonsense
    phorplae[at] - Todd
    8Jan2016 5:01 PM (5 years 207 days ago)
    Loved this album, needs to be on a CD...I still have a tape copy from the 80's. Don't know if I still have the vinyl...think I lent it to a college buddy back then...but I always taped them and listened to tapes...ahhh the days when a Walkman was HIGH Tech.
  • BN on CD
    dougenglish[at] - DE, Arlington, VA
    4Jan2012 6:58 AM (9 years 212 days ago)
    Can always burn it onto CD from the fine vinyl, which is what I've done. Then transfer to the ol' iPod and somehow what kept you alive in 1986 is still mysteriously doing its important work in 2012.
  • No CD ,,, bloody nonsense if you ask me.
    thomas.hazlett[at] - Tom, UK (ex-New Zealand)
    29Nov2011 2:21 PM (9 years 248 days ago)
    Another vote for a CD release of this great album which I listened to via a tape a mate recorded from his album in the late 80s early 90s, until it was stolen from my car ... BUGGER.
  • David J
    aikea71[at] - Jennifer, Charlotte, NC, USA
    19Nov2011 8:08 AM (9 years 258 days ago)
    Hi. Dunno who actually reads this cyberbabble, but I thought I'd give the written word a try. I Met Mr. Pat Fish & Max Eider several moons ago in Chapel Hill, NC. (I arranged the sneaky surprise with David J before the show.) ANYHOOOOOOO, one question: can you PLEASE either release "Bloody Nonsense" or kill me now?! Just let me know which to expect. Thanks. x to the o
  • CD please!
    jamintopjimmi[at] - Jimmi - Calif. USA
    11Jun2010 2:37 AM (11 years 55 days ago)
    I sat in my 79' Nova listening to this tape on my lunch break almost every day. The tape got eaten by my player. I loved this tape. For the love of all that is conspiratorial release it on CD!!!