The Jazz Butcher
The Jazz Butcher Releases VA: Abigail's Birthday Party

Release Type: various
Media: cassette
Released: 1986
The Jazz Butcher contribution coincided with the release of The Gift of Music . Here again, this compilation-tape came with a fanzine and was also available as a limited package with the "Uncle Arthur's Pop Parlour" compilation-tape in addition. ;;Perfection As A Hipster;;;;2000-10-10 $$ 1984, my friend Dave Seabright bought the ‘Marnie’ 7” and I bought the 12”. ‘Butch’ became my first musician ‘mate’. I don’t mean we used to hang out and drink together but for a while we corresponded regularly: letters and postcards, long phone calls and we’d swap tapes and suggest bands that each other should listen to.

When Dave Driscoll and I decided to put the ‘Abigail’s Birthday Party’ tape together, we approached a number of bands asking for contributions. There were a lot of no replies and a lot of "nothing to spare" messages which put a huge dent in our confidence. Then we received a tape from Pat with about half a dozen songs to choose from! That’s how we ended up with ‘Olof Palme’, an exclusive at that time! ;;Tony Jenkins;;;;2021-12-18

8. Olof Palme

Pat Fish - Vocals, Guitar

Credit: jo_bartlett 2023-07-05 (Wednesday, 5th of July 2023 - 90 days 16 hours ago)

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