The Jazz Butcher
The Jazz Butcher Releases VA: Can You Talk To The Dude #1

Release Type: collaboration,various
Media: CD
Released: 1994
Label: Aliénor Records
Recorded: 1994-02-19
Catalogue: Alien 1
1. The U.F.O. Man (Jonathan Richman)

Pat Fish - Voice on The U.F.O. Man


The Butcher Says..
After a long sleep we drive the 30-odd kilometers to Breda and join Marthy and his band, The Four One And Onlies, at their tiny but beautifully-decorated studio. They are recording a version of Jonathan Richman's UFO Man for some dubious "tribute album", so we join in with handclaps and backing vocals. We have some beers. Those that are interested in this kind of thing are advised to look for the LP on Aliénor Records, an independent out of Bordeaux, France, in the near future. ;;Pat Fish Letter: 1994-04-13;;/letters/94Apr13/tour.html;;1994-04-13
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