The Jazz Butcher

Release Type: single
Media: 12er
Released: 1990
Label: creation_records
Catalogue: CRE083T
1. We Love You (554 Mix)

2. We Love You
1. We Love You

Steve Proctor - producer
Luke Hayes - photo
Porky - laquer
Chromatone Design - sleeve



New Music Express Wed, Sep 19th 1990

New Music Express Sat, Oct 13th 1990
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  • we love you
    kevinr.dawson[at] - kevin dawson los ageles
    9Sep2011 11:11 AM (12 years 91 days ago)
    i am to obtain a copy of we love you maxi cut does anyone where i can obtain a copy or where i can download from
  • forest
    jack - james cornelius
    8Sep2006 9:34 AM (17 years 93 days ago)
    Today, leaders are expected to be both reassuring and authoritative, emotionally open and tough, empowering and powerful. Success depends on understanding how
  • we love you lots.forever and always
    6Jun2005 12:11 PM (18 years 187 days ago)
    dad we love you lots and we always will love you!!!!
  • J.B.C. - We Love You on CD
    ambergambler.geo at - Aberdeen, Scotland
    2May2005 2:19 PM (18 years 222 days ago)
    If you can find a copy, We Love You (The Great Awakening) is available on the Creation compilation 'Keeping The Faith' available on CD CRECD 081 (1991)
  • We Love You (Great Awakening)
    lablus[at] - Chris [at]-remove- Austin
    9Dec2004 10:58 AM (19 years 1 day ago)
    I am looking for this song on a CD compliation or CD single (any format other than 12")

    Any suggestions?