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Date: Monday, November 12th 1990 12:00pm 658411200 (32 years 327 days ago)
Venue: Rich Hall/Comedy Central Video Shoot
Location: New Jersey USA
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Laurence O'Keefe ( bass, vocals ) , Paul Mulreany ( drums ) , Julian Poole ( guitar ) , Alex Green ( saxophone )
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before the Maxwell's show, rich hall of the comedy channel show "the onion world" has the JBC on to play Conspiracy and Mr. Odd to video cameras in a speaker shop. it seems that this rich hall guy plays JBC material quite often on his TV show. pat says that when he gets royalty sheets there are things like " Mr. Odd , 1 play, madrid"; " The Human Jungle , 1 play, chicago"; and then a whole page of stuff from being played on the comedy channel.
Credit: David Whittemore
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