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Date: Tuesday, November 20th 1990 659059200 (32 years 323 days ago)
Venue: Trees
Location: Dallas Texas USA
⭐ With
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Laurence O'Keefe ( bass, vocals ) , Paul Mulreany ( drums ) , Julian Poole ( guitar ) , Alex Green ( saxophone )
Soundboard, Master Copy

Bootlegger: David Whittemore
📷 Photos
19901120_del_group1 19901120_del_group2
Photos from the next morning.

Credit: David Whittemore


[poster for XX] Credit: David Whittemore

♥ Reviews

this is it for me. easily the best sounding system. unfortunately, across the street is a 10-band gig which draws most of the people in town. pat teaches Angels to julian and plays it for the only time this tour. the mellower songlist is back.
Credit: David Whittemore

🎼 Played

Warmup 1
1. Mic Checks (Setting individual levels)
2. Mr. Odd
3. Angels (Played several times)
4. The Basement
Set 1
1. The Basement
2. She's On Drugs
3. Pineapple Tuesday
4. Marnie
5. Angels ("David Whittemore, this one's for you old stick")
6. The Best Way (slight garbling at the beginning)
7. Chickentown
8. Girl-Go
9. The Human Jungle
10. Mr. Odd
11. Sister Death
12. Girlfriend
13. Conspiracy
14. Grooving in the Bus Lane
15. After The Great Euphrates
16. Panic In Room 109
Set 2
1. Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present (Weeird vocal break. Joined by Alex Lee)
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