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Date: Friday, November 9th 1990 658108800 (30 years 328 days ago)
Venue: Peter Clark Hall
Location: Guelph Ontario Canada
⭐ With
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Laurence O'Keefe ( bass, vocals ) , Paul Mulreany ( drums ) , Julian Poole ( guitar ) , Alex Green ( saxophone )
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Credit: David Whittemore


Newspaper Jazz Butcher comes up from the basement (Guelph, Ontario, Canada), Fri, Nov 9th 1990

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a show to live in JBC memory. the venue was in the guelph university union where, apparently, there was some sort of rule prohibiting alcohol to be in the hallways. well, a hallway separated the dressing room and the venue. during the JBC set, the nazi youth door checkers in matching shirts, haircuts and walky-talkies, mistake the BA drummer for a bum and pummel him during his cross from the dressing room to the venue. Partytime contains the great line "give em a walkie-talkie and they think theyre adolph hitler".
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