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Date: Sunday, March 7th 1993 731462400 (30 years 209 days ago)
Venue: Arge Nonntal
Location: Salzburg Austria
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Dooj Wilkinson ( bass ) , Nick Burson ( drums )

📝 Pat Says

The Butcher reviews the tour.

Pete, acting on an internal agenda that has led him to drink solidly for 72 hours, disappears in the middle of the night to devote his time to serving drinks on British Airways. "A little twist with that?" JBC are expected in Salzburg, so we drive. It also appears that the love bus is ready to expire at any moment, so will fill the tank with the engine running. Somewhere on the way I am seized of a powerful idea and make a phone call. We arrive after hours of anxious bus stuff and full scale Alpine blizzard. There isn't much time for a soundcheck. I just turn up the Telecaster and hope for the best. 200 people, a nervy beginning. It ended up well. "You don't need another guitarist" says the promoter. Smiling, I make another phone call. Promoter buys us all an elaborate dinner. Tony considers sloshing him.

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