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Date: Saturday, February 19th 1994 761616000 (29 years 296 days ago)
Venue: Zinetti
Location: Breda North Brabant Netherlands
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Dooj Wilkinson ( bass ) , Nick Burson ( drums ) , Curtis E. Johnson
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📝 Pat Says

The Butcher reviews the tour.

After a long sleep we drive the 30-odd kilometers to Breda and join Marthy and his band, The Four One And Onlies, at their tiny but beautifully-decorated studio. They are recording a version of Jonathan Richman's UFO Man for some dubious "tribute album", so we join in with handclaps and backing vocals. We have some beers. Those that are interested in this kind of thing are advised to look for the LP on Alienor Records, an independent out of BordeauxFrance, in the near future.

In the evening, after an introduction to the World Of Roti (tasty!), we descend on what is fast becoming the JBC's Euro-base, Zinetti. Establishing ourselves on the balcony (well, we hadn't played up there before) we play two lengthly acoustic sets to a full house. For the last time Curt delivers his ragga-skinhead rap on Camper Van Beethoven's wonderful tune, and that is that. Back to Marthy's to watch The Monks on ancient euro-videos, then bed.
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