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Date: Thursday, February 3rd 1994 760233600 (29 years 247 days ago)
Venue: Rumer
Location: Bremen Germany
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Dooj Wilkinson ( bass ) , Nick Burson ( drums ) , Curtis E. Johnson

📝 Pat Says

The Butcher reviews the tour.

We had spoken too soon. A small crowd in a vibe-free club with a poor P.A. get to see the worst JBC performance in about 5 years! Curt and Nick are all over the shop, Dooj and I soon start to follow. We still get called back for more, but it would have taken more than that to avert the inevitable and lengthly post-mortem, delivered with remarkable taste and decency by yours truly. It does, however, go on and on and on... Curt goes to bed early with a cassette player, and I hit the Jagermeister. Early in the evening, however, I did at least get to do rather a sweet little solo set on the local radio, including - for no very good reason - a cover of Rodney Allen 's Disney Head. Disney Head, bloody nose... and a lot in between.

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