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Date: Friday, February 4th 1994 760320000 (29 years 242 days ago)
Venue: Live station
Location: Dortmund Germany
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Dooj Wilkinson ( bass ) , Nick Burson ( drums ) , Curtis E. Johnson

📝 Pat Says

The Butcher reviews the tour.

Curt refuses to come out of his headphones until well into the soundcheck. Meanwhile, the rest of us have decided that a calmer beginning to the show would make it easier for him to fit in. And so we stumble upon the set that we will play - with hardly any variation - for the rest of the tour. Curt, now seated, starts on the acoustic guitar for Sweetwater and Partytime before we begin, ever so gently, to crank the set up. It works like a dream. Although the crowd looks disappointingly small in this big, beautiful club, every last one of them sucked into the sequence of songs, and the show goes like a dream. "That", I announce as we leave the stage, "That's my band." And it was. Uli has us on the sambucca (he calls Jagermeister "Leiberkleister" - "liver glue") and we have a massive dressing room party with an interesting bunch of people from Muenster. Cool.

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