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Date: Wednesday, October 17th 2001 9:00pm 1003352400 (21 years 351 days ago)
Venue: The 12 Bar Club (Website)
Location: 26 Denmark Street London England W1
Telephone: 0171 209 2248
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Pat Fish Solo ( guitar, vocals )


I'm doing a solo show, opening for Gerard Langley (!) at The 12-Bar Club, Denmark Street, London on Wednesday 17th October 2001. Expect me onstage around 9:00pm. Advance bookings: 0207 209 2248 Copies of the re-issues will be available at the show, fight fans!

No Max this time - he won't be available for this one. No big deal - just that his diary was already full for that night... so conspiracy theorists needn't fret...Max and I will probably be doing a headliner at the same club over the next few months
Credit: pat

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