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Date: Thursday, April 14th 2005 1113436800 (18 years 240 days ago)
Venue: The Port Mahon
Location: St. Clements Street Oxford England
Admission: £4:00
⭐ With
Pat Fish Solo ( guitar, vocals )


Thursday 14th April 2005 The Port Mahon, St. Clements, Oxford

Masters of Budvar present:

The Black Watch (Los Angeles, California)
Pat Fish (Northampton NN1)
The New Moon (Oxford)

That's right. Masters of Budvar ON THE ROAD! Wa-hey! I'll let you have the times and ticket prices shortly.

For Oxford on 14th April we have added Anton Barbeau ( ) to the line-up. And it's £4:00 to get in. The first band on will be the New Moon at 8:30pm sharp, so come early, music fans, coz they are worth it.

A little preview of the Oxford show from a magazine called "Nightshift":

"A rare chance to see LA's long-standing best kept pop secret, The Black Watch, in the UK. The country-tinged janglers carry echoes of the Go-Betweens, My Bloody Valentine and Lloyd Cole, alternating between lysergic fluffy pink cloud pop and lachrymose balladeering. And they're really quite lovely. Even better, you get 80s indie cult star The Jazz Butcher (aka Pat Fish) into the bargain. The former Creation Records signing, now playing solo acoustic shows is joined by prolific Anglo-American singer Anton Barbeau with his 60s-styled psychedelic acoustic pop, plus local folk-rock duo The New Moon"
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