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Date: Friday, December 2nd 2005 1133481600 (17 years 308 days ago)
Venue: The Labour Club (Website)
Event: Masters of Budvar present
Location: 95-97 Charles St Northampton England NN1 3BG
Admission: free
⭐ With
Pat Fish Solo ( guitar, vocals )
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Masters of Budvar present at The Labour Club, Northampton on Friday 2nd December 2005


Based in Earls Barton, home of the mighty Phoenix Soundworks and the deeply scary doll-museum-in-a-pharmacy, The Importers make a bright and breezy electronic pop sound, melodic, airy and openly indebted to the perfect pop of New Order. Since their debut in the Spring of 2005 this ambitious outfit have been playing out and recording busily, so we expect them to be on top form for this night.


Featuring Gregg Cave on guitar alongside another acoustic guitarist and a cellist, this brand new band describe themselves as "A fusion of contemporary and classical sounds with folk roots around the edges".


Skuff karaoke from your genial and twisted host. Expect electric guitar, squelchy bleepy noises and spectacularly ill-advised cover versions.

As ever, admission is free, and - as of this month - the bar will be open until midnight!
Credit: pat

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The grasshopper's green avarian band
Pat Fish you fucking legend!
Credit: Milton Keynes 2005-12-23 07:21:39 (Friday, 23rd of December 2005 - 17 years 287 days ago)
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  • The grasshopper's green avarian band
    Sigma - Milton Keynes
    23Dec2005 7:21 AM (17 years 287 days ago)
    Pat Fish you fucking legend!