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Date: Friday, October 6th 2006 1160092800 (17 years 66 days ago)
Venue: The Labour Club (Website)
Event: Masters of Budvar present
Location: 95-97 Charles St Northampton England NN1 3BG
Admission: free
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Masters of Budvar present
The Labour Club
Friday 6th October 2006

>From London

Nazca Plain was formed by Charlie Barnard, Nick Mellon, David Gillespie and Robert Shields to experiment with music in colour. Sensuous and intense sounds drift through hypnotic instrumentals that lead into whimsical songs about sex with trees and Halloween. Charging headlong down the road mapped out by The Soft Machine, Acid Mothers Temple and Pink Floyd; Nazca Plain are one of the leading lights of British psychedelia.

>From the dark heart of NN1

Michael Holloway's long-running NN1 Delta Blues project grows ever stronger. Bone dry wit chronicling black despair, exquisite guitar music wedded to visceral disgust, the Spittle Rattle experience inspires recollections of Leonard Cohen, The Cure, Big Star and Scott Walker while retaining its own unique style. A must for those who find more to laugh about in Sam Beckett than Green Wing.

And, of course, your Superstar DJ for this month
Curtis E. Johnson

He's a local legend. He's an asset to the community and he has the paperwork to prove it. The leader of Barbed Choir, Strange Tales and Stranger Tractors, the evil mastermind behind the Short Wave Band, and a renowned solo artist in his own right, Curtis started as a professional DJ in Edinburgh back when punk rock ruled the Earth. Since then he has built up an astonishing collection of sonic essentials and eccentricities, so stand back and prepare to be amazed ((c) T. Walpole ) as he unleashes the beats. Didja get any on ya?

This all kicks off at about 9:00pm on Friday night. As usual, admission is free, the beer is cheap, the vibrations friendly, the lights pretty and the speeches short. We hope to see you there with all your pals. Masters of Budvar - as heard on BBC Radio One.
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